Are you ready for your personal evolution?

We live in a world of outside achievements.
Material wealth, recreational activities, educational degrees and job titles count.

But what about inner achievements?
How about feeling centred and grounded in one’s individuality? And who wouldn’t want to have found the emotional balance, not only to negotiate life’s difficult moments, but also to feel self-guided in choices and decisions?

Engaging to evolve from the inside out is our business.

Our goal is to help individuals to reclaim their emotional balance, identify with their values and strengths, understand basic needs to be well and decide from a point of confidence, where to take their evolution next.

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Teaching and Coaching

Our approach is to combine teaching with coaching, knowing that the rational mind demands explanations and cognitive understanding while true behaviour change comes through emotional engagement and regular practice.

Our methods are no miracle recipes, but a framework of teachings, tools and practices that have their basis in neuroscience, Positive Psychology, Mindfulness and ACT.

We adapt to each case, each request, each individual, each team and organisation. That said, we prepare the space for you to step into, but it is only YOU that can take action.

It is YOU who makes the difference in YOUR life, in YOUR team, in YOUR organisation.

Engaging Employees

The world of business demands employee commitment, high team performance, achievement of quarterly targets and all that in a fast-paced, ever-changing environment.

But how do you ensure your employees are engaged, even passionate in their roles?

Organisations have begun to understand what ‘assets’ their employees truly are and have started investing in their physical health while also putting inclusion & diversity at the top of their agendas.

But what makes all the difference in the employees’ engagement is their emotional balance, the connection to their team, the psychological safety within the team and its place in the wider organisation.

Our purpose at Engage to Evolve is to improve the emotional wellbeing of employees for the benefit of the individuals and the teams & organisation they are part of.

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Evolving organisations

At Engage to Evolve it is our business to engage with the human side, for individuals, teams and organisations to thrive.

We put great emphasis on teaching knowledge of brain functioning, enabling better human leadership. We use practices taken from Positive Psychology and Mindfulness to provide tools to skilfully negotiate the fast-paced business environment.

In Systemic Team Coaching we partner with team leaders and business stakeholders to ensure alignment and focus on business priorities top-down and bottom-up while opening the door for the team to keep on learning and evolving.

“The only constant nowadays, is change” we hear leaders say. But within that truth, have they considered their people?

Experience, Training & Education

Mental Health

  • Postgraduate Diploma in the Psychology & Neuroscience of Mental Health
  • Training in Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT)
  • Certificate in Positive Psychology and Mental Health
  • Certified Mental Health First Aider

Teaching & Coaching

  • Bachelor’s degree in pedagogy & practical teaching degree

  • Systemic Team Coach, certified by Global Team Coaching Institute (GTCI) accredited by the European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC)
  • Coaching Facilitator to Diana Dentinger‘s 21st century coaching of “Your Life Your Way™

  • Partner at LMI®Swiss, Leadership Management International® (LMI), providing authentic leadership training in over 80 countries.

Corporate Experience

Close to 20 years’ experience in corporate commercial and leadership roles

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